Caro Higgs – Artist style #1

I have chosen George Seurat 1859 – 1891 as my inspiration because A) I like his work and B) despite his short life he produced a large body of work from which to draw inspiration. I have begun by using his black and white drawings as a starting point. 

For Seurat black and white drawing was a perfect medium, more than using just individual lines he rubbed rough paper with a greasy crayon, therefore creating tones of blackness. He wanted to be a painter of an instantaneous view of a single moment with no movement. As somebody who often works from photographs the instantaneous moment is totally apt and something I relate to totally. For this first piece I have used a photograph of the river Charente in flood in the town of Saintes which I took on December 25th 2019.

To recreate the heavily textured paper I have used old cotton sheeting. I have used black thread and black paint but I strayed slightly by using black vilene for the reflection of the tree trunk. I stencilled and stitched the main lines and then applied the paint before returning to stitching in more detail. Seurat has a way of leaving patches of the page totally white, which I have tried to use, to give more light and definition to the piece, I found that leaving the halo around strong sunlight very difficult to blend in the lines are a little too regular and angular.

  1. Chantal Guillermet

    It is a very good idea to start in black and white from one of your picture. The reflections on the water are really nicely done. Your work on this piece is beautiful !

  2. WOW, I was in awe when I saw this piece Caro, so much to look at and clever use of the vilene. beautiful stitching, Bravo

  3. Caro, your piece is just incredible, it really looks like a pencil drawing. You are such a master!

  4. I was not familiar with Seurat’s black and white works. Like Kaylene, I was immediately drawn to your work. Perfect and accurate transposition from your photo. The delicacy of your embroidery is impressive. I love it. Chapeau.

  5. Not an easy artist to stitch, I would say. Really impressed with the result, it is fantastic!

  6. I am in awe at the mastery of this quilt. Took my breath away. Beautiful graphic work, masterfully executed. The reflections are beautiful and so is the strong sun shining through the trees.I love it!

  7. Excellent, skilful stitching. This piece really looks like a pencil drawing and is a great start to your Seurat series.

  8. I like very much black and white work and your piece looks like a pencil drawing. Well done.

  9. Seurat I only know for his pointillism, but this black and white piece is awesome. I LOVE it. Leaving the white patches in the water and the reflection is so effective. Stitching and printing are impressive.

  10. What a huge amount of work you have put into this piece, with a wonderful outcome. I admire the way you have managed to make the stitching so like a pencil drawing. Wonderful work

  11. The strong graphic nature of your quilt is so interesting, it looks like a pencil drawing. I like the texture you achieved in the background. Nicely done!

  12. I can hardly see it is stitched! It really lookes like a pencil drawing. Such a wonderfull piece. Bravo.

  13. Wow! Amazing and very effective techniques and stitching creating so much detail with lights and shadows. Well done Caro!

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