Maryte Collard – Flight

Flight of Imagination

As humans, we have no wings and we can’t fly literary but when creativity takes over, it gives wings to our imagination, and then we fly…

Couple years ago my then 7 years old granddaughter Vita had a blast printing fabrics using gelatin plate. She wanted me to make something from those fabrics. I had to wait for the right moment. Suddenly I knew what I wanted to make. I made this quilt with one breath, no planning and no sketch, I felt like I was flying… Machine pieced and machine quilted.


Original photo and Details:

Vita at work


Vita’s fabrics:22894520_1833137880048516_3287335680031828073_n

Close up view:IMG_20190701_190833

  1. What a vibrant artwork! I can see the flying mood and the feel of creative freedom.

  2. Good that we have our imagination.I see you flying through your granddaughter fabrics and create freedom, well done.

  3. This piece is full of joy and shows love flying between you and your grand daughter…

  4. studiociboulette

    Very joyful and colorful. Love it!

  5. A delightful quilt, filled with future memories for you and your granddaughter. I love the irregular piecing lines and the variety in quilting patterns. Very nice!

  6. It is always good to show children how lovely it is to work with fabrics. I like the way you quilted this piece, now you even see better what is printed.

  7. I love that you have used the fabric that your granddaughter created and what wonderful memories this quilt will hold for you as a result. It is certainly true that a child’s imagination has no bounds, so your quilt really is a flight of imagination. The colours are patterns are lovely and it is a very well nice quilt

  8. What great use of the fabrics and I hope that Vita is happy with the result it is very effective. Great quilting.

  9. I like your inspiration and follow through. Vibrant and pretty!

  10. What a special quilt. Your grand daughters creative imagination gave way to the perfect inspiration. Lovely vivid colors, patterns and stitching Maryte!

  11. What an original way to interpret the theme and a nice reminder of past years,. These grandkids grow up too fast.

  12. Fantasy and creativity make you fly. Nice idea to combine the niece’s work with her aunt. Beautiful composition and excellent quilting.

  13. A great story here and a bright, cheerful quilt. I might try this with my own granddaughter.

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