Kathryn Hickling – Roads – Gravelly Hill Interchange as a Metaphor

I found this a very interesting title to work towards, I could think of many interesting roads around the world, Route 66, Great Ocean Road, The Amalfi Coast, Furka Pass etc. but none of them mean anything to me personally. I then looked at roads in the UK and came across a photo of the Gravelly Hill Interchange also known as Spaghetti Junction it reminds me of life. There are many paths to follow in life at times they become entangled and complex but you try not to become distracted by the little things and follow the path you want. I have gone through this interchange many times and being distracted can lead you to ending up on the wrong road and difficulty finding your way back onto the right road.
I used commercial batik fabric for the background and for the roads black cotton twill tape.
  1. Kathyrn, an innovative interpretation, excellent choice of road to represent the “roads” we travel done. Excellent choice of fabric.

  2. Very striking colours and shapes definitely have made your piece come to life.

  3. I knew exactly what it was before I read the title, I have spent hours queuing round here before, during and after it was built!! Love the background colour, makes the actual area of Gravelly Hill which I think of as grey (well it is just about “the black country!) look really interesting!

  4. I like the background fabric. The simplicity of the roads gives an abstract look to the quilt.

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