Greetje Hein – Photoshoot

Let’s swing together

Inspiration:  Our granddaughter especially likes to pose so I can make a picture. So she loved to be the subject for photoshoot.

I took a picture of both our grandkids sitting on a swing-set. I used a pop-up setting on my camera. The picture is enlarged and painted on white fabric with fabric paint. The background is commercial fabric, appliqued with fusible web. I cut out the painted kids and fused it also with fusible web.

The quilt is free-motion quilted with rayon thread.


Painting on fabric:

Detail view:

  1. Greetje, a lovely memento, great work. Cheers

  2. Great idea beautifully executed!

  3. The use of the pop up setting on your camera is really clever and the result stuning Greetje !
    Bravo !

  4. Interesting technique that I would love to know more about. What kind of paint did you use? Acrylics?
    The result is stunning, congratulations!

  5. What a lovely shot, great use of the camera. Beautifully painted and stitched to really capture the moment.

  6. joanbrailsford

    I am in awe of your painting skill in transferring a lovely photo to fabric. It has come out as a beautiful portrait of your grandkids and shows your pride in them. The quilting really works well and adds texture to the background. Lovely piece.

  7. What a happy portrait to remember a special moment. Your painting and quilting really bring this to life.

  8. This is such a cute picture of your beautiful grandchildren. I admire the way how you have painted them on the fabric. Very good choice of your background fabric too. Awesome piece.

  9. Great piece Greetje. I love the painting you did on the fabric and the way it worked out. Such a nice time lapse you got here, well thought out and executed. A great memory quilt.

  10. Beautiful photo and interesting use of the pop-up effect.
    Perfectly painted and quilted. Excellent result and a nice memory for your grandchildren.Bravo.

  11. studiociboulette

    what a cute idea. A momento in a quit. Your grand daughter must be so happy and proud. Beautiful job.

  12. So sweet! Your grandchildren make the perfect subject for our theme.Your painting skills are a good asset. Do you use acrylic paint?

  13. Nice rendition of a lovely idea! Gorgeous subjects! A great memory quilt.

  14. You captured a sweet moment with your grandkids. Your techniques and quilting are beautifully executed. Well done!

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