Chantal Guillermet – D

D for Denmark: Viking

Inspiration : Several years ago we visited Denmark and went to the “Viking ship Museum” in Roskilde near Copenhagen. I was impressed by the size of these huge boats and by the strengh and power that was emerging from them. For my piece I used several of my photos plus one from the Museum collection (Detail of the boat with foam)

I started by the composition of the fjord landscape using appliqué and overlapping the different pieces with zigzag stitches and transparent monofilament.

Quilting : I divided the mountains into various areas to give a feeling of depth; the water is quilted with waves mixing several tones of blue and silver thread.

I also wanted to bring a celtic note to my piece. I reproduced a design taken from a colouring book belonging to my children quite a long time ago … but I had to redraw it as it was a frame around a page and I wanted it curved. It took me a long time but I liked the result and machine quilted it on the sky like a rainbow. I added echo quilting by hand. The boat is fused on the top after all the quilting on the landscape is done, then it is quilted and painted.

At the end the foam is added : it is made with burnt lutradur (Light N° 30) : it was my first attempt to use lutradur and I think in this case it is quite effective. I added some puff paint and a bit of white shimmering paint for light.

Design and detail views:


  1. very impressive chantal. the idea, as well as the techniques you used. i especially love the celtic note in the sky!

  2. Love your interpretation and design, it all works together especially the use of the Lutradur.

  3. A really successful job. The quilting of the mountains is wonderful and goes very well with the Celtic design in the sky. The icing on the cake is the use of lutradur for the foam. Bravo!

  4. An interesting subject; I love the symmetry of the boat and the very effective waves.

  5. Maryte Collard

    I must agree with others that use of lutradur is very effective. Your boat looks really magnificent against mountains and the sky.

  6. Love your idea and very effective execution. And the foam is just perfect!

  7. Very lovely mountains, the dark colours make them seem far away. The boat is very impressive, the use of lutradur for the foam is so effective, the result quite spectacular!

  8. Love this point of view for your boat. To me, head-on is exciting and helps create movement. The Lutradur is very effective as seafoam.

  9. What a beautiful design and composition. Love your idea of burned lutrador for the foam. It is fabulous. The quilted celtic design in the sky is a nice addition. Bravo.

  10. A strong composition and beautiful colors. The foam made from burned Lutradur is awesome!
    The quilting of the mountains is unusual, but very effective. Well done!

  11. Your boat is beautiful – love the symmetry. The foam is inspired and the quilted Celtic rainbow is a lovely finishing touch. Love it.

  12. joanbrailsford

    Very effective design of the boat splashing through the water and the mountains in the background. I love the way that your quilting emphasises the contours of the land and incorporates the traditional design in the sky. The techniques you have used for the water are perfect.

  13. studiociboulette

    This is a very powerful piece. I love the effect of the foam, it is spectacular. The composition gives so much strength and speed to the boat, the colors bring out the effect of cold breeze. Beautiful.

  14. Strong design of the ship moving forward, away from the land. Show lots of depth and movement especially with the sea foam. Love all the details, well done!

  15. The way you build up this quilt, the sewing, the Celtic motif, the mountains, the boat and the the waves, all together you made a wonderful design, which asks to look closer and closer.
    I love it!

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