Helen Hazon – Series #4 – Architecture in My Travels – Australia

When we were in Australia 3 years ago we spent several days in and around Sydney then travelled by train right across the country to Perth. What a splendid journey that was! Such a vast place and so very different from the colours and landscapes we are used to here in the UK. I have tried to represent some of the images our trip in this quilt.

The centre panel is, of course, Sydney with the wonderful blues of the harbour waters and the iconic shapes of the opera house sitting alongside. The top and bottom sections are in the colours of the desert areas that we passed through on the train – miles and miles of red/brown soil and rocks with sparse vegetation in shades of silvery green. The piecing pattern in the 2 borders is based on the arrangement of the roofing tiles on the opera house “sails”.

All fabrics and most of the threads in the quilt are cotton. I used a rayon thread to quilt the water as it has a slight sheen.

Close up View:







Quilts in Series




  1. Helen, I am enjoying your series, the colours flow from one quilt to the next. Your abstract interpretation of the Opera house is innovative. Well done

  2. So recognisable, I love the way that you have included the ‘bigger’ picture of your trip in the borders. Really lovely.

  3. Very nice piece Helen. I like the simplicity of the shapes and the use of a geometric background for the harbour water. It makes the white shapes of the opera roofs stand out.

  4. Helen I always admire your piecing and now the appliquéd pieces of the Sydney opera house stands beautiful out against it. Such a wonderful addition to your series again.

  5. Such a recognizable interpretation of the opera house. The colours and shapes of the soil, rocks and the roof tiles are very well done. Again a great piece!

  6. I love the colours in this series, and the abstract interpretation of the building. This is a lovely addition to the series which is very interesting

  7. Helen I recognised the sail shapes of the Sydney opera house! The colours are wonderful – the colours of the sea and outback,and the two borders reflecting the roof tiles give a creative finish to the quilt.

  8. A lovely piece ties in nicely as a series piece and the Sydney opera house is recognizable

  9. Lovely abstract interpretation of Australia, very recognizable indeed. Such attention to detail.

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