Margaret Blank – Series #1 – Introduction

When it was decided that this year our group would try to work in series, based on one of our prior themes (or a new theme for the newest members), I knew almost immediately that I wanted to explore the theme of “Time”, for which I created the piece To Everything There is a Season, inspired by the passage from Ecclesiastes that begins with that phrase.

I remain intrigued by the idea of ‘seasons’ — both the ones we observe globally (and where I live there are four pretty distinct seasons!) and the ones we observe individually — the ‘seasons’ of our lives.

At the same time, in my artistic practice over the next year or so I’m devoting at least part of my time to exploring the concepts of “Modern” and “Improv” quilts and quilting, which I hope will improve my abilities to see and express ideas in the abstract rather than in the more realistic form.

To that end I’ve registered in four online classes — two on Modern Quilt design and construction from the “take it anytime” platform, and two with specific time frames.  The first of these is another class from Elizabeth Barton — “Mod Meets Improv!” — on the Academy of Quilting platform; our first lesson was January 27 and I am working on exercises as we speak!  The second is from Lyric Kinard through her website — “Abstract-a-licious!” — beginning February 15 on the Ruzuki platform.

Taking inspiration from the winter landscape I finished recently , I’ve already finished the first of the four new pieces that will be part of this Series — and revealed at the end of March.  Stay tuned!

  1. I liked this quilt first time around, and your thinking for the rest of the series intrigues me. You certainly have plenty of design possibilities, and I am particularly interested in the way you will incorporate what you will be learning in your forthcoming courses (I am always in awe of the amount of work you produce). Good luck with all of these, and I look forward to the outcome.

  2. I especially like the idea of seasons, because we don’t really have 4 seasons in Taiwan. I look forward ti seeing more from your series!

  3. I look forward to seeing where seasons takes you and how you incorporate new techniques and ideas.

  4. The interpretation of “seasons” is going to be very interesting ! I do like your winter landscape and look forward to seeing your next piece at the end of March !

  5. Seasons , in both ways you think about it, are a grateful and interesting subject you choose for the series. Together with your classes and new found techniques, it will be interesting to follow you through the seasons.

  6. I like this piece for its colours and simplicity – it’s a beautifully clear interpretation of its theme. Your Seasons series sounds interesting and I hope you will find your studies useful in its development.

  7. I can see your interpretation of the seasons with your color choices of lthe leaves against the calm blue sky and I especially like how you incorporated the quilting design mimicking the leaves.

  8. I think this piece is a modern realistic quilt. I am looking forward seeing the seasons in an abstract form.

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