Monthly Archives: February 2021

Challenge – Country – Emblem

This year our group has decided to create a series of quilts which will all be based on the country of each member’s choosing. For each challenge a different aspect of the country will be explored, for the members to interpret in their own individual ways. In this first challenge the theme will be emblems icons or motifs –  something which defines the country. This could include the flag, the colours or emblems within it, an item which is typical of the country – but must not be views or panoramas of the country. The idea for this first reveal is that there will be an element of guessing the country which each member is using, as the title of the piece will not include the country name – you will only see that, and the details of the design, when you click on each picture to take you to its full description.

Please feel free to view the pieces and the thoughts behind each by clicking on the pictures below – and join the fun to see whether you can guess the country!