Helen Hazon – Monochromatic – Flames

I thought long and hard about this theme. Many design ideas were considered and discarded.
Then I decided to choose the colour first rather than the design. I chose yellow because it’s a
colour that I rarely work with and decided to include all shades from cream through to old gold. When I had collected a variety of these yellow materials – fabrics, threads, paints etc – and saw them all together on my bench, the idea of flames seemed obvious
Flames have always fascinated me – their shapes, colours and movements. I love watching them
and always wonder about exactly what they are in terms of their chemistry and physics.
The fabrics in this piece are a mix of cottons and silks and the threads are cottons and rayons.
  1. Rich — very rich.

  2. It is interesting to have chosen yellow, it isn’t an easy colour to work with ! and you are really successful with both the theme and colour !

  3. Shades of yellow are not my favourites, but you have added so much to your piece by the wonderful quilting, giving even more colour variation, great job.

  4. Helen a brave choice of colour, the flames is a great theme and I love your use of quilting bringing all the elements together.

  5. Great choice of colour and subject, wonderful result….

  6. I hardly use yellow, but this is so good!!

  7. Really good use of fabric and quilting techniques bring depth and life to this piece. I’m impressed

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