Sonia Ruiz – Reflections

For my “Reflection” quilt I decided to do it about a mountain near my home that i see just about every where I am.  This mountain is an icon for the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico and is called “Cerro de la Silla” or Saddle Mountain.  I’ve grown up with this view and i have incorporated this beautiful mountain into many of my paintings and art quilts.
I enjoyed using the slashing technique of Fay Maxwell in my previous quilt that I decided to try it again.   For this quilt I decided to create an afternoon landscape.  The mountain, which I distressed with bleach, and sun were machine appliquéd.  I placed batting on the top half and lots of scraps for the bottom half where the slashing is going to be.  I began quilting the top first and then worked my way towards the bottom.  Once done I began slashing through the lower layers, then washed the piece in the washing machine for a few minutes and then dried it in the dryer.  I did notice that the batik fabrics did not unravel as much as I thought.  I embellished the dark areas with dark beads that I saved from my daughters old flip flops and I sewed light and colored beads in the other areas.
Close Up View:
  1. What a wonderfully colourful piece; great idea to use slashing it has worked really well.

  2. The colours you have used are wonderful and really do give the feeling of a warm sunset. You have worked the mountain and sky really well, but the slashing technique you have used for the water is absolutely stunning. A really beautiful piece.

  3. What a beautiful piece. Love the way you bleached the mountain and the slashing to create the water. Great colours too!

  4. The idea of using the “Fay Maxwell” technique for the reflection is interesting and successful. I like your ability to use and balance saturated colors. Well done.

  5. Wonderful work! Colorful and unique. I love the texture and the reflection in the textured area. Really nice job.

  6. Chantal Guillermet

    Beautiful work ! I like your use of strong colours and how you play with texture using slashing to create the water.

  7. Beautiful use of colors and such a good idea to bleach the fabric for shadow in the mountains . Your slashing technique is fabulous. Very well done.

  8. The bleaching for the mountain worked really well it gave good dimension to the mountain. The slashing for the water gave a great effect just loved the feeling it created.

  9. Sonia, how intuitive to use the slashed fabric as the reflection, amazing colours.

  10. This is so colourful! The use of colours in the slashing to create the reflection is very clever.

  11. The use of the slashing is so great! I love it how you used so many different colours. Bravo!

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