Sonia Ruiz – Artist style #2

Inspiration:  Portrait of botanist Luther Burbank by Frida Kahlo

Fridas favorite theme was “the fertilization of life by death”.  In my design I am depicting Frida´s huipil as a tree growing roots connecting to her art, her suffering and her home, Casa Azul. I added her famous crown of flowers and her chunky prehistoric jewelry.  The roots are nourished by the sacred heart.  Even though Frida is gone, the love and interest of her home, her art, her culture and her life continues to grow throughout the world.

Materials:  Hand dyed cotton bed linen, commercial fabrics, photo transfer, raw edge appliqué, 3D skirt, beads, 3D silk flowers, machine embroidery, free motion quilting, acrylic paints, inktense pencils, sharpie, ribbons, lace trim, hand dyed jute rope, hand dyed gauze and tulle.

Detail views:


Original picture:

  1. carolinehiggs

    I ove your interpretation of Frida’s tree connecting to her art. Lovely work with so much attention to detail. Well done.

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    What an interesting piece, with so many details and mystery ! The way you made the mountains and the roots are very effective.

  3. I have to agree with Chantal your interpretation is unique and effective. Cheers

  4. studiociboulette

    as usual, you are so innovative. I love the way you make Frida’s work your own. Beautiful!

  5. Such an interesting piece and so much to see. I love how you replaced Luther Burbank with all the different Frida elements. The gaze mountains and jute rope for the roots are very effective.

  6. Maryte Collard

    Very interesting interpretation that shows your deep knowledge of Frida’s art and life. Impressive use of different techniques with an amazing result. Bravo!

  7. So much to see in this piece, so many different symbols, so meaningful! Love those leaves growing out of the roots. Sky and mountains beautifully done!

  8. A beauty of work with many details reminiscent of Frida’ s wsorks. I love the way you made the leaves nd roots.

  9. joanbrailsford

    I like the way you have adapted the painting to give Frida the central place with her roots connected to so many things. A well thought out and executed piece with beautiful attention to detail. Well done

  10. An interesting quilt incorporating lots of detail about Frida’s life and a great adaptation of the original painting.

  11. This is such a fascinating piece, one that draws you in for closer examination. I love all the details and the story that is told. The mountains – wow!

  12. You created an interesting piece with a lot of elements of different pieces of Frida’s work.

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