Chantal Guillermet – Artist style #5


In the 1960s Chagall worked on the creation of stained glass windows for the synagogue in Hadassa and for the cathedral in Metz.

I have taken up this theme in my own way and introduced the dove as a symbol of peace thinking about the difficult period we are facing with his home country.

The background fabric is a damask napkin that has been painted. I printed the silhouettes of the windows on it with acrylic paint using a foam stamp that I made. The stained glass window is made with a cotton muslin painted in shades to give the illusion of light.

To make the doves I used a technique described by Angie Hughes in her book “Stitch, Cloth, paper and paint”:

On a background fabric collage of crumpled tissue paper, tulle and lace. The doves are cut out from this textured fabric and applied on the background fabric.

At the end rubbing with metallic copper paint.

Hand quilting inside the windows.

The quilt is faced.

Detail view:

  1. Chantal I think you have exceeded yourself. I have the book you mention and it is one that I often look at and try her techniques. Your interpretation is stunning and a credit to your creativity. Bravo

  2. Attention to detail and neat stitching has given life to this piece. Lovely work.

  3. Maryte Collard

    As always it is very much Chantal as well as Chagall. Perfect composition, beautiful idea, bravo

  4. studiociboulette

    It is such a gorgeous quilt, I love all the details and your explanation of the technique. Beautiful colors and design. Bravo!

  5. I am very impressed with the techniques you use in this quilt. Really exciting. The colors are very suitable to the theme

  6. An exquisite piece, beautifully executed. The stained glass window is beautiful and the repetition of it in the background a great idea. I find it very moving that you thought of Chagall’s home country and included the pretty doves of peace.

  7. Great idea to make your statement with the use of Chagall poetic, well done!

  8. Beautiful. The doves certainly say ‘peace’ and the colour in the main window is lovely.

  9. A visually exciting piece with wonderful use of line, form, color and shape.

  10. I love the colours in your stained glass window that contrast beautifully with the background. I really like this piece

  11. I love how you made your doves. I ordered the book you mentioned.
    The vibrant colors of your stained glass window really illuminate the whole piece. Beautiful.

  12. I love stained glass and your interpretation is so nice. The technique you used for the doves is very interresting.

  13. Love the contrast of the bold, colorful stain glass window against the soft, sky like background and the peaceful doves. Lovely interpretation, techniques and composition. Well done!

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