Paulette Meldrum – Water – Pupu Springs

Pupu Springs

The Maori name for these springs is Te Waikoropupu Springs, and are located not far from Takaka in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island, New Zealand. The springs discharge 14,000 litres of water per second, and the quality of the water from these springs is of considerable scientific interest. The springs are also the largest fresh water spring in the Southern Hemisphere and contain some of the clearest water ever measured.

I visited these springs many years ago when there was an underground viewing area and it was amazing seeing the water bubbling up and this is what I have portrayed in the bottom section of the quilt, along with the reeds in the left hand section. The panel on the left is one of my hand dyed fabrics, painted and stamped with fabric paint. The top panel on the right is machine quilted in a bubble pattern and the remainder of the quilt is hand quilted.


Close up view:



  1. Lovely colours that depict the motion of the water. Well Done.

  2. What a beautiful quilt Paulette. Love the water plants in the left corner and the waterdrops,

  3. A choice of colors and a composition that perfectly represents the purity of these sources. I like it so much. Congratulations!

  4. Chantal Guillermet

    This is a very nice piece Paulette, I like the bubbles and the addition of hand quilting.

  5. joanbrailsford

    I love your colours and the way that the bubbles give movement to the design. A very lovely piece, well done Paulette.

  6. Paulette, the water plants and the bubbles are really beautiful. Lovely colours! Well done.

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