Sheryl Meech – Botanics – Metrosideros exceisa (NZ Christmas Tree)

NZ Pohutukawa is a coastal evergreen tree in the Myrtle family.It produces a brilliant display of Red (occasionally orange yellow or white) flowers made up of a mass of stamens in December.

Strips of my Blue hand dyes smudged with red pen.  Appliqued branches and leaves.  Dimensional flowers made by winding thread around  cardboard and a cluster tied together and stitched onto the quilt.






  1. Beautiful coloured background Sheryl and I love your flowers and how they pop off the surface.

  2. What wonderful dimension and texture you’ve created — first with the yarn and then with the pieced, hand-dyed background!

  3. Beautiful background; I like the bright red flowers and the 3D effect. Well done !

  4. My first attempt obviously got lost!
    Very effective, I love the loose flower heads and the use of colour on the background, lovely!

  5. Sheryl, a great interpretation and thank you for sharing your technique, I did not choose any of our beautiful gums because of the delicate flowers but now I know how to re-create them. The red smudges are a nice touch for depth. Cheers


    What a nice subject you have chosen, you can smell Xmas in it. I looked on internet and saw pictures of big, red blooming trees, that were very characteristic. A good combination, your beautiful blue background with the bright, prominent red flowers on it. Nice techniques you used.

  7. I love this quilt. The beautiful red flowers are so cheerful and their 3D construction is great.

  8. You have created very interesting features with the yarn flowers, that are so vibrant. The blue backbround is beautifully done, and is just the right colour combination with the flowers. Well done

  9. Your background is very well done. I like the way you created the 3D flowers.

  10. The way you created the flowers with yarn is very realistic. The way you created the background from your hand dyes gives it a feeling of movement. The quilting in the leaves and branches is beautiful.

  11. Very inventive. The colors are wonderful, as are the flowers. I love the way you’ve built them.

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