Chantal Guillermet – Series #2 : Wallflowers : Botanical study

My second flower is “Wallflower”, in French “Giroflée des murailles”.

Material : Hand-dyed popeline,  vintage linen and lace – Rayon thread – Discharge paste and Inktense pencils

Inspiration : Wallflowers is a typical old fashioned flower growing wild into gardens or along old walls and ruins. Its symbolism in the language of flowers is “Fidelity in adversity”, “Faith in love” and “promptness”: this is the text that I have quilted on the backgroung, in English and French. Wallflowers can be white or purple but the ones I prefer are the yellow and orange ones and the dark red and brown wild ones . I like how the colours blend on their petals.

Techniques :  Like I did in my first botanical quilt the different fabrics are fused on the batting and then the background is heavily quilted. I have used thread sketching for the flower study and the flower branch using brown thread instead of black. My design is reproduced on a tracing paper, the tracing paper is removed at the end. This part is a little bit tedious but the method  allows a good reproduction of the design.

Before adding inktense pencil, I have discharged the inside of the plant. I wanted the colour to be light, like a shadow. On the right, the fence design has been stencilled with acrylic gold paint and free motion quilted. The quilt is faced.


Close up View:




Quilts in Series – Wallflowers


Quilt 1                                Quilt 2

  1. Chantal, I like the contrast in colors, your technique is interesting in the way you have discharged around the flower, and of course the writing is a finishing touch. Bravo

  2. I like the way you’ve carried the colour palate from your first piece in the series to this one…it further unifies the subject matter. And then there’s your amazing skill at outlining your chosen flora in thread…wow!

  3. carolinehiggs

    Lovely; I like the way that you have carried your colours through from the first piece and how you have varied the techniques.

  4. joanbrailsford

    A very intricate and beautifully worked piece, and I love the way that this piece carries on from your first piece. The colours are so subtle and suited to the subject and to the vintage fabrics you have used.

  5. Love the writing in the background. So many different techniques and it still gives the impression of simplicity. Very well done.

  6. Such a simple piece but there is so much when you look closer. The colouring on the flowers is just lovely. A beautiful piece.

  7. I admire the way you can combine so many techniques to achieve such an elegant result. I have always loved wallflowers and this is a beautiful representation of them.

  8. I love all the different techniques. The handwriting and background quilting is great. The way you did the flower is so lovely. It really fits with your first piece!

  9. I love how you created a very soft yet vibrant feel to this quilt with your stitching and techniques.

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