Paulette Meldrum – Circle(s) – Circles to Dye for

I couldn’t believe my luck when rummaging through a bin of dyed fabric which included many experimental pieces created with a variety of resists, to find a piece that had circles.  This piece was an attempt to create a batik style fabric, with the circles stamped on with heated soya wax, using a bottle top and when set, the fabric was overdyed. A few random wax drops added additional texture. Once washed with very hot water to remove the wax, the end result was very pleasing.

 I have totally hand quilted this piece, emphasizing the circles with a variety of colours within my chosen colour range.  The piece was further embellished with Liquitex Fabric paints, and coloured pens.  Instead of a binding the quilt was finished with facings.



Close up view:

Circles1 close up

  1. Paulette this is a terrific piece of batik dyed fabric. The handquilting in white makes it really stand out.

  2. What a delightful piece and the technique has added a liveliness to the fabric it literally sings.

  3. This piece is in one of my favourite colour-ways…and the hand-quilted circles are just the right touch. Very pretty!


    Batik and circles, a perfect combination, that you worked out beautifully with your hand stitching. It is subtle and speaking.

  5. Paulette it is a beautiful piece of fabric ! I haven’t been very successful with soja waxup till now but yours is very nice. I also like the contrast given by your quilting

  6. An interesting piece and so nice to get a head start from some previous work. The colours are subtle but certainly enhanced by the hand quilting.

  7. carolinehiggs

    A very effective attempt at batik. I am delighted that you unearthed it and put it to such good use. makes me even more eager to get hold of a wax machine!

  8. English quilter

    I love the randomness of the batiked fabric. The use of hand stitching really helps to make the circles stand out. You must have been thrilled to find this piece of fabric in your stash.

  9. A great piece of fabric love how you have emphasized the circles with your quilting

  10. Again we learned never to throw fabrics away, you will need it sometimes.The fabric is so nice, beautiful colors. Lovely hand-quilting too.

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