Greetje Hein – Monoprint – Just Do it

Monoprinting: often thought and read about it, but never done it. So this must be the first time. I read about the different techniques and watched some video’s on you-tube, made my own jelly-plate and started!

I only used white pearl textile paint to keep it “easy”. Experiments with different materials like rick-rack band, lace, stamps, etc. After that I wanted to try another method by drawing a tree-design with the fabric on the plate. I also made a reverse print of the trees. I just did what I thought would be nice and did not think about a design for my quilt. After finished  “playing”, I put several pieces together and created a landscape.

I  machine-quilted with only black and white yarn and added some beads in blue.



Close up view:

monoprinting detail


monoprinting detail 2

  1. I like how you “played” with different materials and ended with a nice quilt ! the blue touch is just perfect.

  2. I particularly like the ‘positive/negative’ of the trees, and admire the crisp edges you managed on the printed lace. Lovely!

  3. I like the way that you have the mirror effect with the trees, and the way that you have incorporated all you different prints. The blue touch is just right.


    The black and white combination of your trees, and the way they overlap each other, is stunning. Blue in the lower parts make it complete, nicely done.

  5. I love the positive and negative effect of this print, and the texture that the monoprint creates. The use of different materials to add different patterns is very effective, and the touch of blue really finishes off the piece.

  6. Your experiments with the different materials are very creatively used. I love your mirrored trees and the black quilted piece in the middle complements your composition. Well done. The blue just adds the sparkle.

  7. Dear Greetje, love it and aree with all the other comments. Bravo

  8. I like the combination of images here and the blue touches add sparkle.

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