Paulette Meldrum – Elements – Geode-Agate

I have always been intrigued by an agate paper weight we have at home. The paper weight is a cross section cut through a geode with a myriad of coloured agate crystals in the centre core and solid multi coloured bands from the core to the rough exterior of the geode. I have endeavoured to depict this colourful effect for our Elemental challenge. To achieve this a number of techniques were investigated and the following methods worked the best. Crumpled tissue paper was adherred to pellon which had already had a lightweight adhesive web fused on the front. The tissue paper piece was painted and enhanced with glimmer paint sticks. The outside band and the rocks were also painted adhesive web which was ironed onto fabric. The two central shapes of fabric were covered in crystal organza, stitched around the edge and then cut back with a soldering iron to fuse the edge.


  1. Like the tissue paper effect!

  2. What an interesting range of techniques, used to good effect. Would have liked to see the paperweight.

  3. Alas the glimmer doesn’t show up on my monitor. I’d love to see this piece “up close and personal”!

  4. Well done and I am sure this quilt must glitter in the sun, wonderful use of techniques to capture the glory of the Agate

  5. joanbrailsford

    Interesting textures and effects from the various materials you have used, and the colours are lovely

  6. I love the blue colors. Must be great to see in real, when you can see the glimmer.
    Good use of different techniques.

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