Bozena Wojtaszek – Artist style #5

“Feasting with Paul Klee” continued.

This time we go for cheese.

Commercial fabrics stitched and quilted entirely by machine, raw edges applique.

Detail views:


  1. Great choice of fabrics, the cheese board really stands out and I like the way you have quilted nuts and a pear in the background. Lovely work, well done.

  2. Nice how you used only brown-related fabrics.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Such a nice idea ! I like the perspective of the board highlight the cheeses !

  4. Very interesting and pleasing to look at.

  5. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt and design, I love the colors and the way you play with the background, very much in the style of Klee. Gorgeous!

  6. I love the background and the contrast it makes with your collection of cheeses. Very inviting, just like other works in your series.

  7. I like the pieced background with the stitching adding detail. A good continuation of your series.

  8. Lots of variations and nice use of the brown tones.

  9. The yummy cheeses look so life-like! The cheeseboard seems to float in the air. The background is positively Klee. Very nice palette of colors.

  10. Good use of a limited and muted color palette. Klee was certainly a versatile artist!

  11. The monochromatic pieced background is a perfect backdrop for your cheese platter arrangement. Very Klee-esque, well done!

  12. A really good choice of colours to compliment the ‘cheese board’. I love the simplicity of the quilting stitches

  13. The monochrome colours are very effective in this piece. They are a beautiful background for your cheese platter. Love your small quilting designs. They just enhance the piece even more.

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