Caro Higgs – Artist style #5

Port Saint Goustan

The fifth in my series is truly inspired by the pointillism technique for which Georges Seurat is known for.

My challenge was how to create a piece incorporating reflections with dots of colour and also add stitch. I had taken a photograph of Port Saint Goustan which I used as a starting point firstly stitching the main lines by machine, adding further lines by hand after painting. I soon realised that I had set myself a very fiddly task as I started to add the dots of colour using some fine net as a stencil. The first idea had been to mix the colours to create new ones as did Seurat but in fact, for the most part, I just settled for different densities of the same colour . I used a fine zigzag for some of the lines in the water to try and create a feeling of movement. The colours are far darker than I had intended but I decided to leave them as they were. In the end left it simple without too much added detail so that it did not become too busy.

I used the same cotton sheeting as in my other pieces and a mix of machine threads.

Detail view:

This is the original photo, the colours are far cleaner but the dots of paint give it a very blurry feel and I tended to add colour without always referring to the photograph, also adding far more trees!

  1. Wauw, I love the dots! How effective this is. The faded colors are just right. Bravo!!!

  2. Chantal Guillermet

    This is a very good representation of Saint Goustan ! I like the effect of the dots on the fabric, how clever to have used a fine net to get this effect !

  3. Superb interpretation, especially the fine zigzag stitching in the water. Oh your patience in painting through the netting. Bravo

  4. studiociboulette

    Beautiful architectural scape, very much in style with Seurat. Incredible attention to detail, I love the reflection in the water. Bravo!

  5. Wow, the dots create beautiful texture. I love how you created the reflection of buildings on the water. You are a genius!

  6. I think how much patience you had to make the dots in your quilt. A very successful result, good colors and the stitching are beautiful.

  7. Love the way you look at this charming port through Seurat glass, well done!

  8. A lovely representation of the scene. I like the techniques of using net as a stencil for the dots and adding zigzag stitching for the reflections. So clever!

  9. How clever to use the netting to achieve the dots! Love the reflection in the water and overall this is a truly lovely piece with great attention to detail. Bravo.

  10. Your clever use of netting and dots makes for an exciting image. Good job!

  11. I think it was a good choice to leave the piece as simple as you have because the design is very effective. I like the way that you have used the net to give the pointilism effect, it was a great idea and really works well.

  12. Seurat is all about dots of color and your stitching and painting techniques suggests that very effectively. Great attention to detail and bravo on the reflections. Well done!

  13. Beautiful piece and I so much admire your patience to add all the effective dots. Bravo.!

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