Susan Slesinger – Join the Dots

“Join the Dots” is based on a type of activity book I used as a child. There would usually be a series of numbered dots which, when connected, would form a picture—a great way for a child with few drawing skills to make a picture. Occasionally there would be challenge pieces—-dots without numbers which could be connected in multiple ways. I could never “see” what the end results of these series of dots might produce.
I have been wanting to make a monochromatic piece for a long time, and have wanted to experiment with straight, linear quilting. This challenge provided the perfect opportunity to experiment with these concepts. I am hoping that the dots help to draw the eye around the wallhanging, and unleashes the viewer’s imagination.
What can you draw by connecting the dots in different ways?

Susan s

Susan 2

  1. Great to see this posted, Susan. I like your limited palette and the linear quilting — with the dots adding a travelling splash of colour. I remember those books as a child too, but never without numbers. 🙂

  2. This is a quilt every minimalist would love to have in their collection, vibrant colour, control and has a story. Well done

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