Paola Zanda – Decay

Weather degradation and human neglect.

My village has an old town with even five churches. The weather. the carelessness of man accompanied by acts of vandalism has brought some of these monuments to ruin. From these situations, I took inspiration for this challenge.I created a transfer from an image of a 1400 fresco that is located in one of the churches in my village. With screen printing, I created graffiti as a sign of vandalism. The background represents the walls consumed by atmospheric phenomena and with the embroidery, I added the plant growth that accompanies the abandonment of these monuments. To reassure you, thanks to the will of some including Paolo and myself, we were able to start with the restoration and save these works of art.

Used Material:

cotton fabric ,synthetic organza,fliesofix,acrylic painting,painting for cloth,cotton sewing threads and commercial and personally colored embroidery threads.


painting and manipulation of the fabric with welder and hot air gun,screen printing with mask,transfer, printing,hand embroidery and free hand quilting.

Close up view:

  1. carolinehiggs

    A great subject, and I love the way that you have created the fresco and added the graffiti. Well done.

  2. Unfortunately acts of vandalism are part of our times. It is very well described in your quilt. I like how you have introduced the photo transfer into your composition.

  3. Sorry, I was too fast – visited your entry before the statement was added 😦 I loved your work and now, knowing the background it is even more moving.

  4. The variety of techniques used is impressive and creates a real feeling of vandalism and decay.

  5. studiociboulette

    I love your piece. It carries an incredible light and sensitivity despite the deterioration. Excellent

  6. Once people build the churches, other came to destroy them and now people stand up to protect and rebuild the past, decay is all around us and your quilt tells that story. Love the way you put all the things together and gave it a face.

  7. I like how you have used colours and stitching to create the feel of really old stonework in this piece.

  8. The contrast between the beautiful fresco and the graffity couldn’t be bigger. What a wonderful way to portrait Decay. I love fresco’s and old churches and applaud your initiative to start restoring them. Very well done.

  9. What a novel idea. Excellent concept and beautiful rendition. Very inspiring.

  10. joanbrailsford

    A very thoughtful piece that depicts decay really well. The colours and stitching give a feeling of texture and depth and the picture of the fresco is a beautiful centrepiece. It’s nice to hear that the decay is now being reversed. Well done

  11. I like the way you transferred the picture on the fabric. The colors are well chosen. Very special to add the graffiti.

  12. All your techniques work well together to demonstrate the negligence of time, atmosphere and man. Unique take on the theme, well done Paola!

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