Caroline Higgs – Series #2 – Abstract

Series: I never saw another butterfly n°2

For the abstract piece I have strayed to a scenario probably away from the truth. I have kept the title because I wanted to play with the idea of catching glimpses of colour through the fence, there is still the dark side, things happening which we shouldn’t dwell upon but outside the fence there were these glimpses of colour. I should imagine that in a difficult situation, such as this, one’s mind plays tricks, the imagination takes over. Over time memories of details fade, were these colours really butterflies or were they scraps of flowers struggling to survive?

In order to try and create a real link between the pieces I have used snippets of the same fabrics and added other colours and patterns, the fence is still there in the black and white fabric but also with the machine stitch I have used to divide the sections, grey as in wire. All the fabrics are commercial fabrics from my stash although I painted some of the larger black and white flowers. I began by dividing up the fabric by stitching the divisions with white thread, I then cut and bonda-webbed the pieces where I wanted them before going back over the same lines with a fancy machine stitch which hold the edges of the appliqué but also outlines the separate areas. To keep the continuity I made the same binding as in n° 1 which was added before I added the appliqué which made making the edges straight a nightmare!


And in detail….



Series previous pieces:

  1. Love your design Caro well thought out an eye catching design.

  2. quilterpaola

    Beautiful interpretation of how many butterflies have taken flight or remained locked in the sad and horrible enclosure.
    Beautiful abstract decomposition of the previous work. Well done.

  3. Chantal GUILLERMET

    Interesting design, I like how you painted some of the flowers on the black and white flower fabric and the use of the grey machine stitches as a reminder of the wire.

  4. joanbrailsford

    This is a real abstract interpretation of your subject, and is a great design. I like the way that you have used the suggestion of shapes and filled these with the coloured fabric. Your quilting really does bring the wire back into the design. Well done

  5. Beautiful composition. I like the idea of the memories changing from maybe butterflies to maybe scraps of flowers. The stitching of the fence brings the two pieces together. Bravo.

  6. roslyn schneider (anonymous preferred)

    Carolyn Higgs: I Never Saw another Butterfly is my favorite book of all times. I still cry when I see the name.
    I even went to Terezin after one of the churches had a Quilt Show in St. Louis Showing the Original work. I have the Original Bk printed in 1963 or so.
    Your quilt is very bright and positive for such a dark subject book.
    Roslyn Schneider, Naples, Fl. Susan Schlesinger’s IJQ group.

  7. Caro, I really love the way you think and feel and talk about this dark subject. And what I see when I look at your quilt is the drama, but also the belief that there is a way out, it gives me the feeling of flying away. You are making an impressive series….

  8. studiociboulette

    I love it. Great way to work with the composition.

  9. Now that I read your motivation I understand what you want to tell with this quilt. Very well done!
    The fancy machine stitch is perfect to suggest the wire.

  10. I must confess that I didn’t understand at first, but when I finally did, I could feel the wanting to be free and of the fading memories of things that once were. Powerful, well done.

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