Els Mommers – Re-arranged

San Pedro De Atacama Church

One of the assignments of my Elisabeth Barton’s online class: ” Inspired to Design” was cutting up some photo copies of a line drawing of a photograph and re-assemble these cuttings to new designs. I have used one of my photographs of the small church in San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. When I had the designs done I realised that I could use one of them for Re-arranged.

The sky is hand painted and the different shapes are fused and raw-edge appliquéd to the background. To keep it’s simplicity and elegance I didn’t add details, just free motion quilted it. The quilt is finished with a facing. I will add some pictures to show how I came to the design.

Material: Hand painted fabric, commercial fabric, cotton and polyesther thread, 80/20 Hobbs batting.

Technique: fabric painting, fusing, raw edge appliqué, free motion quilting.



san pedro de atacama.jpg

Close up view of quilting detail:


First sketch :    

Simplified:     DSCN8907.jpeg

Cut up and re-arranged :   

Cropped and searching for values:    IMG_4431 2.jpg


  1. This is great, I love the simplicity of the shapes and the way that you quilted to create some relief. A really pleasing quilt.

  2. Excellent study and development. The choice of the simplicity of the shapes, the colour tablet combined with quilting create an elegant and fascinating result. I love it.

  3. I love your idea, you have really built a new church ! the use of plain fabrics highlights the shapes. Bravo !

  4. This is a very interesting approach and I love the final result.

  5. studiociboulette

    Incredible work. Absolutely love it. Your choice of color is very effective as well. Bravo.

  6. Really well worked idea using elegant simple forms and shapes. The quilting gives a lovely texture and depth

  7. A very effective design emphasised by the use of plain colours. Interesting to see how you developed this from you original sketch.

  8. Very powerful design and great textures!

  9. Impressed, that’s the word I was looking for to react on your work. The way you re-arranged a picture, choose of colors and quilting, everything matches, my compliments!

  10. I love the way you created this design bij cutting the sketch. The simplified design and plain colors are so well choosen. Well done!!!

  11. A very well throughout design. The colors and quilting bring it together beautifully!

  12. Clever take on this theme. Strong composition.

  13. English quilter

    I love the way you simplified a beautiful complex sketch to make a strong composition with lots of contrast. Thank you for sharing the pictures from the design process. Uaing solid colours has worked well and it is a good vehicle for displaying your machine quilting which has created textural interest in the piece. A great example of the saying “less is more.”

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