Cindy Richard – Re-arranged

In this season, as the days grow shorter and the light lasts fewer hours each day, I am drawn to brighter colors. In my own way, I guess I find a way to surround myself with color and light.

I decided to use dark and super vivid colors for this piece. I surrounded the bright pinks and reds with dark blues, purple and black. I sewed strips to form traditional blocks and then I slashed them and reattached them in unexpected ways. I did not pay attention to the outcome, I just re-arranged the parts until I had a 15″ x 15″ finished block at the end.

This was the result.

Cindy Richard full image

Close up view:

Cindy Richard closeup

  1. This has worked well, striking colours and great quilting.

  2. Nice study. Brilliant colours.Well done.

  3. Beautiful colours and very effective quilting.

  4. I like the contrast between the dark and bright colours. The echo quilting is very effective.

  5. studiociboulette

    I love the colours and the quilting. Beautiful!

  6. Lovely vibrant colours and a really exciting result. The contrast works really well and the quilting gives the piece an extra dimension. Well done.

  7. Great colours and a lively result. Very striking.

  8. Love the drama of this design and 3D effects!

  9. Nice colours and quilting, love the way you worked on the theme.

  10. I like the rich colors of batiks. So nice how you created this quilt by just sewing and cutting. The quilting is just right for this piece.

  11. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope of a warm sunset. Well done!

  12. English quilter

    The strong colours are extremely effective. The re-arrangement has resulted in a composition with very strong lines and the quilting emphasizes the geometric shapes. The way Cindy trusted in her process paid off well.

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