Lin Hsin-Chen – Happy – Bridge

A bridge is a structure spanning over a river. There are also bridges between hearts.
Happiness is a bridge spanned in the invisible space.
They communicate joy, happiness and well-being.
The abstract happiness is just like a summer landscape.

Nature teaches us that simple is beautiful.
Such a simple thing, why don’t we feel happiness?
Such an easy obtainment, why do we worry?
Make life simple and happy, so lay down desire and greed.
For you who see this work, I wish you a happy life.

Materials: acrylic fabric, flocked fabric, worsted fabric, woolen yarn, metallic thread
Techniques: 100% hand-stitched, appliqué, pieced, three-layer quilted


Close up View:


  1. Beautiful work, just like a painting ! I like the poetry explaining the bridge of happiness !

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. I had a wonderful time creating this work. I put happiness into every stitch. I am happy to build the bridge of happiness and share it with all of you!

  2. I love the idea of the bridge of happiness, I love the water underneath.

  3. I have to agree with Caro, the concept of A bridge of happiness is beautiful. I love the richness of your choice of fabrics and colour. Bravo

  4. The bridge and the water are wonderfully done, and the whole piece reflects your poetry. Well done

  5. Nice interpretation of the theme.

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