Ann Turley – M


Inspired by a line from Emma Lazarus’ poem inscribed at the Statue of Liberty, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”, I visualized the many so desperately desiring to leave their homelands and set foot upon these shores. Nameless and faceless, they want only to better themselves and their lives, or escape unimaginable situations. Materials used were decorator fabrics, Lycra, commercial cotton, felt.

Detail view:

  1. A very pertinent subject; I really like the way in which you have interpreted it.

  2. A beautiful design and inspiring to explore the plight of many.

  3. A crucial problem ! these faceless silhouettes are a reality !

  4. This really illustrates the plight of so many unfortunates who are seeking a better place for themselves in the world. Especially poignant that you left their faces anonymous. One of the world’s most pressing problems very well designed and executed.

  5. This clearly exemplifies the reality of millions of immigrants who come seeking freedom, democracy and a new and better life. A thought provoking composition. Well done!

  6. Yes, as everybody else said already, this piece resembles the reality of all the people who flee their home and homeland in search of a safe and better place to live. Very nice composition.

  7. Very powerful message perfectly executed!

  8. An interesting take on the subject, that provokes thought and is very well executed. Well done

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful concept and composition, your choice of fabric. Gorgeous! I love this piece.

  10. In austerity you have put your finger on a global and major problem. Your design is impressive and revealing. Beautifully worded.

  11. A simple design that says so much! Very thought provoking.

  12. It really touches my heart, thank you. Once I was an immigrant myself. Even I immigrated for love and not through Ellis Island, I fell in love with my new home country and the opportunities it provided for me.

  13. A good choice of colors and a great composition. Well done you didn’t give them faces.

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