Lin Hsin-Chen – Seasons – Blessed Season

In recent years, many disasters have occurred due to climate change, such as earthquake, drought and flood. We need more consolation and hope. I pray for those who have encountered hardships and difficulties. I hope they will enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms and feel blessed.

I describe the difficult challenges that we’re facing in our lives as winter. God is benevolent. After harsh winter, he gives people a pink sea of cherry blossoms to comfort their minds, enhance courage to fight for future and face life with joy. This is the blessed season that I feel.

Materials: commercial cottons, dyed fabrics, silk, satin, nylon fiber, woolen yarn, glitter, ribbon, Romanian thread
Techniques: 100% hand-stitched, appliqué, pieced, 3-layer quilted, embroidery

Lin_Blessed Season_full

Close up View:Lin_Blessed Season_detail

  1. This quilt gives me such joy and pleasure, it is so beautiful I can almost smell the cherry blossom, what a wonderful start to my day. Congratulations for such a lovely interpretation of the theme.

  2. I immediately recognized it as your work. This pece is so lovely and cheerful. It makes you happy.

  3. Thank you Diana and Els! I’m glad to hear that you can feel the joy and happiness in this piece. I visited the mountains in Taiwan this March and I was so lucky to see the beautiful cherry blossom. The beautiful scene brought me bright hopes of the future. So, I’d like to share the feeling with you all.

  4. Breathtaking, Lin Hsin Chen! So lovely and delicate, colourful and yes, joyful!

  5. joanbrailsford

    What lovely fresh colours, which really do feel bright and happy. This is wonderful

  6. Thank you all for the lovely comments. All of the Season quilts from Fifteen by Fifteen are stunning! Look forward to exhibiting them in Taiwan!

  7. Of course Lin we can recognize your work immediately ! but this one is my favourite ! The harmony between composition and colours is perfect and it makes me smile when I look at it ! bravo !

  8. What a vibrant quilt, the colours just pop and it is a beautiful design. Bravo

  9. A rich colored quilt that makes you feel good

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