Paulette Meldrum – Monoprint – Rippling Ribbons

Rippling Ribbons

After a number of trial runs using a tile as a printing plate, without a satisfactory result, I decided to use the shiny side of freezer paper as my “plate”. I chose turquoise, orange and bronze fabric paints and used two brayers of a different size to manipulate the paint until I had a pleasing outcome. The yellow fabric was smoothed over the top using another brayer. I added depth to the piece with machine trapunto on the curving yellow lines in the middle of the design. The centre was then lightly quilted before adding the borders, a full layer of batting and the backing fabric which was one of my discarded monoprints.  The borders were quilted and additional quilting was added in the central area.

Paulette 2

Close up View:

Paulette 1


  1. English quilter

    The effects you achieved with the paint are very interesting. The piece really shows as dimensional.

  2. A unique interpretation of the theme, Paulette. I really like the texture.

  3. I love the texture of the print with the varying colours.


    A very good idea, to use freezer paper, I will try that myself one day. I love the way you used the colours, in the print and in the whole combination.

  5. I like the effect you have achieved with the different colours, and the quilting has given a really added movement to the piece

  6. The trapunto gives your piece a nice 3D effect. I love the subtle colors of the mono printing.

  7. Well done and the use of the trapunto is an excellent idea.

  8. .I like how the colours change in the centre section and I love the texture from the trapunto

  9. The use of trapunto is a great idea to give your piece an extra dimension.

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