Cindy Richard – Photoshoot


A Photoshoot, in my mind, is an active scene that is frozen in time. While at the zoo my son-in-law witnessed a scuffle between two pelicans. One pelican had a fish in its mouth and the fish slipped out. A second pelican waiting on the side stepped in and caught the fish. The struggle took place in an instant. It was a small event to the observer but an enormous incident to the birds. The fish didn’t have a chance in this combat zone! Such drama!

I based my quilt on a photo of the scene, which was taken by Yosef Zuckerman.

Techniques: Raw-edge applique, free motion quilting, pencil and marker drawing, hand-sewn faced binding.

Materials: Cotton batik fabrics, tulle, cotton/ polyester batting, cotton, polyester, metallic and rayon threads, fusing material, stabilizer, buckram.

Close up views:

Original photo:
  1. Great capture, it’s a “Kodak moment” 🙂 Beautifully executed in fabric, love the power of your pelicans!

  2. A true fraction of a minute of time, great idea. Love the way you have created the feathers on the pelicans’ wings.

  3. A fair representation of your picture ! the light and shadow zones help to create a very realistic scene. I love the tail out of the frame … beautiful piece !

  4. An amazing transfer from picture to quilt.Well done!

  5. What a nice photoshoot, almost impossible to take this picture. You made it beautiful in textile, love the feathers and the shadows in the water. Very nice, well done!

  6. This is such an awesome representation of the theme. I love how you have executed it. The applique and the quilting are beautiful and the tail that comes out of the frame makes it so special. Bravo!

  7. Great depiction of this action shot. The feathers, lights and shadows are beautifully executed.
    Well done Cindy!

  8. Beautiful colors and the threadpainting is great.

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