Paola Zanda – Country – Flora/Fauna

Cyclamen and Ibex

As previously, choosing the type of flora and fauna to represent Switzerland was a difficult choice. In the end, I decided to take the cyclamen for the flora as it is a spontaneous flower that represents the Monte San Salvatore that overlooks our village of Carona. I chose the ibex for the fauna, which represent the wildlife in our mountains, and it is also the coat arms of the Canton of Graubünden.
All the graphic work on the computer is the work of my husband, Paolo. With the images of a field of cyclamen and an ibex, he created the basic drawing from which I started.

Techniques: Machine appliqué. Very tightly quilted with cotton threads.

Material: Commercial and hand-dyed fabrics with Procion MX; Cotton wadding; cotton threads; Heat n Bond Lite (Iron on adhesive)

  1. Fantastic, I just love how the two themes merge within each other, Beautiful quilting.

  2. Beautiful work and great design. The two subjects weave together so well and the stitching is fantastic.

  3. Cyclamen is a very popular flower in Israel at this time of year.
    Love the colors you use.

  4. studiociboulette

    Beautiful work and great machine embroidery. I love the way you combine the flower and the goat. Bravo!

  5. The thread painting is amazing and the back side of your quilt is a beautiful as the front.

  6. I love how the ibex appears to be emerging from the cyclamen, The colours and stitching are beautiful.

  7. Chantal Guillermet

    It s such a beautiful quilt Paola ! the composition is perfect and the ibex emerging through the cyclamen is so real ! without speaking of your maestria with the machine embroidery ! Bravo !

  8. Beautiful as usual, brava! The use of black as a contrasting unifier is perfect, and I love all the details you have included.

  9. Great colours here and beautiful machine stitching. Love the view of the back.

  10. Lovely flora and fauna composition, excellent stitching and detail work and a beautiful end to your series on Switzerland. Well done Paola!

  11. A most beautiful quilt with gorgeous flowers and the iconic ibex. I love the colors and your stunning thread painting.

  12. Such a colorful quilts and the thread painting is wonderful. Well done, Paola (and Paolo)

  13. As always a beautiful piece of art. Very colourful and the thread painting is awesome. Bravo.

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