Chantal Guillermet – Country – Architecture

Opposition between contemporary and traditional architecture

To represent architecture in Canada, I did not choose an architect or a place. I simply wanted to compare the architecture as it existed at the time of the settlement of Canada by the pioneers, with the modern architecture that is currently present in the cities of this country.

I was inspired by two photographs, one of the glass façade of a building in Toronto and one of a structural detail of a log cabin taken at the Ottawa museum. I wanted to show the contrast of the glass and metal and its cold beauty with the dark but warm side of the wood. But I also wanted to compare the height and slenderness of the one with the small space of the other where you can imagine the fire and the smell of the smoke.

For the glass structure I first traced the life-size windows onto the fabric using an inktense pencil for the grid. Then I used inktense blocks to colour the fabric in two shades of blue. Then I sprayed the whole thing with water and Gel Medium.  In some places I reworked the colour with the block to darken the colour. On the windows I also used pearlescent seta-color paint for the highlights.

For the log cabin side I ironed my cut out fabric on the blue part first and then on the fleece. The quilting is done with a brown variegated thread and the fabric is reworked with inktense blocks to reproduce the smoky look of this enclosed space. For the building, quilting done with silver and black metallic thread, the window frames are reworked with a silver felt pen. The quilt is faced.




  1. A good and interesting idea for your work. The contrast between new and old is successful. You have found the right proportion for the design. I am fascinated by the only window of the old wooden hut. Bravo.

  2. A great way of comparing the old and the new, the difference between the building materials and the contrast of light and dark. Nice work.

  3. Maryte Collard

    Very interesting approach very well executed. Actually I envy your log cabin! And I admire your technique. Love your piece!

  4. Great idea juxtaposing the two so different types of Canadian architecture! Well done too.

  5. studiociboulette

    What a neat concept. I love the way you played with traditional and modern. Beautiful details as well.

  6. A very interesting interpretation of the theme, definitely thinking out of the box. Well done

  7. Your description and execution are very interesting . I love the way you did the job.

  8. joanbrailsford

    An interesting way to comapre the two types of architecture, and a very effective way to depict the two different styles. I love the way that smoky atmosphere you have created in the wooden structure contrasts with the smooth glassy feel of the modern one. Well done

  9. A very clever idea that you have constructed beautifully. You have used interesting techniques and materials to produce a memorable image. Lovely.

  10. A very novel and special way to tackle the subject of architecture! The quilt is intriguing and I needed to zoom in to understand the details. Beautifully done, love your log cabin! You have accomplished great contrast. Well done.

  11. such a unique idea with the ability to compare old to new. I enjoyed reading and learning about your effective process.

  12. Very interesting how you combined the new glass and metal architecture with the old wooden
    log cabin . Your techniques are very effective as usual. Bravo.

  13. A unique way of interpreting the theme of arquitecture. The contrasts of the old vs new and the coldness of the glass/metal with the warmth of the wood has been successfully created with your techniques in your composition. Well done!

  14. I like the way you made a combination of old and new. I love the log cabin part. How you did the models glass part is very interesting.

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