Paola Zanda – Squares

This time it wasn’t easy to find an inspiration regarding this challenge. Looking at the old houses in our village I keep the idea: windows looking on my abstract work.

I create the background with abstract shapes based on a mix of dyed and commercial fabrics all pieced, and I made an appliqué for the windows. The work is quilted by machine.

Material: dyed fabrics with Procion MX, commercial fabrics, wadding and variegated threads.




  1. studiociboulette

    cool concept….

  2. I like the idea of the windows looking at your work and the bright colours of the silhouettes …

  3. I agree with Chantal: a great idea to look through a window and look at your quilt.

  4. Very clever idea and it works beautifully!

  5. A very different approach of the square theme. I love it and immediately recognised it as your work. Wel done.

  6. Great design and using our environment was the inspiration you need. Great colours.

  7. English quilter

    The colours are very striking. I like the concept of looking in from the outside. Well done.

  8. Unexpected and a wonderful idea, looking in and see your beautiful quiltwork. Great colours too!

  9. Bold in colour and in design.

  10. Well worked idea, I too love windows. The bold colours are just right for this design and give the feeling of looking into a cosy home.

  11. Windows of squares. Nice concept!. Well done.

  12. A different way of creating squares, so very you. Love it!

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