Kaylene Maalste – Motion – Grasses

The inspiration for my quilt came from watching the grasses blowing in the wind in the paddock next to my house. So then I had to think about the technique and decided on Monoprinting. So I picked a number of grasses painted the heads with black textile paint and made an arrangement on my fabric. I then free motioned the shapes with a green variegated thread.

Material is osnoburgh.

Sorry about the change in color in photographs, I am having a few technical problems.



  1. Kaylene I like the elegant shapes of your grasses and looking at them we can imagine how they move in the wind.
    I also like the economy of colour.

  2. Your grasses remind me of the fields and natural prairie around my home village — and the mono-printing was a very effective way to illustrate them. Alas, the detail photo isn’t coming through on my PC (there is a “broken” symbol where the picture should be.)

  3. Thank you Kaylene for adding the detail, it makes the difference ! I really like your stitches on the print !

  4. It’s lovely. Your quilt reminds me of reeds blowing in the wind.Very attractive.

  5. Love the simplicity of this, I can just imagine the breeze in the grass…

  6. Very nice result with the mono printing technique and just like the others I like the simplicity.

  7. Kaylene, your grass is really blowing in the wind. It reminds me of my “reed quilt”. I love it.

  8. So simple, but so very effective. I can imagine the grasses blowing around my legs.

  9. I like the feeling of swaying grasses that you have captured, and your delicate stitching is just right to emphasise the movement. A simple. but very effective design and lovely execution.

  10. Beautiful, Kaylene! Grasses are so fascinating in the grace and elegance. This is a lovely piece; it captures the feel of grass swaying in the wind.

  11. KAylene you have captured the movement of the grasses in the wind perfectly. The method you used with monoprinting and stitching is perfect for the lovely background fabric too.

  12. The smell of grasses, the sound of grasses and the movement of grasses in the wind, everything is in it. Great idea to monoprint with the grass and let it tell its own story by stitching it so delicate. I really love this interpretation of motion and your use of colours and technique. One question, what is osnoburgh?

  13. I love watching and listening to grasses moving in the wind. Your quilt captures that perfectly.

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