Genevieve Guadalupe – M

Poppies in the Meadow

    Poem by Pink Butterfly

Soar beyond dear meadow
Reach the clouds so bright
Leave a kiss to the sunset
And bring a glorious sight

Turn to me dear friend
Stretch your leaves so green
Your purest drops from heaven
Were obvious yet unseen

Carry the sadistic wind
To the mountains, stiff and high
Look for the horizon
Where the sea meets the sky

Play with the little birds
Singing their lullaby
Calm yourself beside me
And catch a butterfly

Now, my dear meadow
You may rest for a while
But tomorrow is another day
For us to laugh and smile

Materials and technique: hand dyed cotton fabrics, cotton batting, poly threads, embroidery floss. Machine pieced, machine quilted, hand embroidered.

Detail view:


  1. I love the mix of flowers in your meadow and the strips of changing background colour. You have captured the words of the poem beautifully.

  2. Wow, a beautiful colorful quilt.

  3. A beautiful harmony between the poem itself and your colourful quilt !

  4. Very nice background piecing, I love all the colorful flowers, The whole quilt radiates cheerfulness, something we can definitely use in these difficult times.

  5. A joyful and colorful composition, love this Genevieve!

  6. How interesting to see another meadow in this reveal. Love the mood and colours, I can feel the freedom and simple joy of your meadow.

  7. A vibrant and colourful piece that is beautfully worked. I love the feeling of movement you have brought to this.

  8. Yours is such a bright and cheerful quilt, an explosion of color! The gradated background adds movement and definition.

  9. Love them both, the poem and your quilt. It makes me happy and smiling. Well done!

  10. Lovely and colourful, beautifully stitched. Very joyful.

  11. What a wonderful idea. Love the poem and love your poppies.

  12. Such a lovely meadow! I especially love colors of the strip pieced background. It’s good you added some colors, not just red poppies.

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