Susan Hill – Entrance

I have always loved trees and forests; when I was small, my adults, knowing of my passion, would call out “Woods, Susan!  Woods!  Woods!” when the car we were riding in passed through any collection of trees, however limited.  So of course, the many scenes in the Harry Potter movies that take place in the Magical Forest were especially magical for me. This challenge – “Entrance” – offered me a chance to re-create a modest imagining of Hagrid’s forest. The “Entrance” is on the right. Once inside, the explorer can wander among trees that range from appearing more or less ordinary to those that are clearly exotic and magical. Just follow the arrow.

Hand pieced and appliquéd, hand quilted.

susna hill2p




  1. I too love the woods…and there are several stands of aspen around my home hamlet that I enjoy. Your interpretation of a very different ‘entrance’ makes me smile!

  2. Truly an innovative interpretation of the theme, I too love forests and love the way you have utilized the different fabrics and colours to create a magical forest. Well done

  3. joanbrailsford

    I love the colours you have used, and the interpretation is very original. Well done.

  4. Making hexagons is my “waiting/traveling” work. This is a nice interpretation.

  5. I enjoy using hexagons too, for handwork on holiday, Using hexagons to portray your idea is a very unique way of interpreting the theme. I too love trees and forests, as long as I can find the exit as well.

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