Eke Krug – Series #4 – Bits and pieces – Looking for new horizons

When I started the series ‘Bits and Pieces’, I had no idea that it would be such a personal journey. After making the third piece, ‘Looking for solid ground’ comes this one, ‘Looking for new horizons’. Lots of things happened, we found a nice temporarily house in Holland, which will be permanent in October. All our stuff is stored away until that time, just a very little part of my sewing stuff is unpacked. It is nice to live in Holland again, but I have to get used to it too. Bigger shops, much more people, living in a little village now, instead of living in the mountains. Everything has changed, not only the surroundings, but also the way of living. That is where the new piece is based on, starting a new live and looking for new horizons, with the memories of Norway slipping into it.

All kind of fabric scraps, machine threads and hand embroidery thread, batting for tablerunners.

Heavily machine quilted, little hand embroidery



Close up:






Quilts in Series Bits and Pieces:


  1. Eke, a beautiful quilt I feel your sense of Norway in the design and then your use of horizontal lines to me must be representative of Holland. Bravo

  2. This is stunning and I understood it before I read your text! There is real intrigue and uncertainty, it really gives the sense of being torn between different places.

  3. This is such a beautiful piece, and it really reflects your state of mind right now !
    You are really talented in mixing so many different materials with harmony !

  4. amazing! love the colors and how it fits with the other works in the serie. It is defenitly a nice serie . Nice to read your journey and how you translate it into a beuatifull piece

  5. I love your use of color and the blending of the material. Such a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. Bravo.

  6. Lovely use of colours and I like the textures created by the stitching.

  7. The colors you used are beautiful. You mixed your life in Norway and Holland together in this piece. Well done.

  8. I like the way you have created a piece that almost has a landscape feel about it, which does indeed hint at the horizon. Your stitching has brought together your scraps beautifully, and created a very interesting addition to your series

  9. Eke, this piece seems to reflect your transition from one lifestyle to a new lifestyle ahead. The vertical movement in the quilt is very strong and colourful and together with the fabrics used indicate a calmness as you move forward. You have certainly portrayed a great deal of feeling in this quilt.

  10. You have created a beautiful, colorful and calm feeling landscape with a sense of what’s coming, new and bright beginnings.

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