Helen Hazon – Nature #1


Inspiration – the community that lives on and around a oak tree. Most life on Earth depends on plants for energy and nutrition. For this reason I chose Plants for the first 2 quilts in my Nature series, This is a very broad topic so I have focused on the European oak tree as one example. The basic biology of an oak tree is typical of all green plants. What makes it special is that, as it grows and matures, it provides support in various forms (food, shelter etc) for a huge variety of other species. All parts of the oak are important in this respect – flowers, leaves, fruit, bark and decaying material. In this quilt I have used all cotton fabrics with rayon threads and watercolour pencils. Detail views:
  1. I love this piece, simple of first view but so full of detail . Wonderful piece of work, especially the male and female flowers!

  2. A delightful quilt very calming to look at. And I echo Caro’s comments. Cheers

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Lovely piece with an interesting approach to nature. Very well balanced.

  4. Your choice is very interesting and the execution is excellent. I also like the precision in the stitching

  5. The mighty oak tree seems to grow almost anywhere and appears to be vital to many populations. Your depiction is so interesting and I enjoyed studying the details.

  6. I like the way you have interpreted the oak tree and it’s flowers, leaves and acorns. The stitching provides a great background that really allows these to stand out. Well done

  7. What an interesting choice you made. I love the simplicity of the bare tree and
    aside from the tree you show us it’s flowers, leaves and acorns. Your stitching and quilting is superb. Bravo.

  8. Like an ancient botanical book, you have created a magnificent textile oak with perfect details. The quilting of the background makes it stand out nicely. Bravo!

  9. The oak tree was a sacred tree in old Lithuanian religion. Just looking at your piece everybody can understand why. I admire your attention to the smallest details and the cleanliness of your work.

  10. This is a fantastic illustration of the oak tree in full-color and painstakingly precise. A unique perspective and a pleasure to look at, well done!

  11. I like how you approached the different views of the oak tree.

  12. Your beautiful piece reminds me of those old botanical books with lovely illustrations. Your clear background (great stitching!) makes the bare tree stand out nicely. Great detail in the flowers, leaves and acorns!

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