Elsy Menko – Nature #2


For this second quilt of biblical plants I have chosen the lotus aka nelumbo nucifera. The flower is mentioned in the book of Job 40:21-22.

Last summer I visited the famous nursery Latour-Marliac in Le Temple-sur-Lotin, France where Monet used to order his water lilies. A beautiful place where many lotuses and water lilies were in full bloom in the month of July. The historical pools were built in 1870. I couldn’t help myself taking many pictures and one of them served as inspiration.

Cotton fabrics, tulle, fused, machine pieced, free motion quilting, hand stitching, watercolor pencils.

Detail view:


Original picture:


  1. Wow, simply stunning! Love everything in this one – sunshine, vibrancy of colours, contrasts, pure joy!

  2. A beautiful interpretation of the lotus. Love the flow of the design. Well done.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    There are so many details in this piece ! the flower is beautiful but I love the leaves in the background !

  4. carolinehiggs

    A great piece of work, the more I study it the more details I see. Love it.

  5. You have managed to convey the beauty of the lotus in your work. You give particular attention to all the details. The presence of the insect makes me smile. The perspective is perfect and gives the correct depth. I like the pistil and the processing of the leaves. Impressive work! Chapeau

  6. By using these different shades of green you created a beautiful depth. The flower is terrific with again so many shades of the same colour. The addition of the little insect makes it even more special. Awesome work.

  7. Excellent work of the flower. Pleasant colors and wonderful stitching. And even put a small ant that walks on it.

  8. I love this. Beautiful colours and great stitching. Excellent.

  9. studiociboulette

    Beautiful quilt! incredible attention to details and stitching. I love your lotus. Bravo!

  10. What could I add to the previous comments? You flower is incredibly beautiful. Every in this quilt reaches the level of perfection. Bravo!

  11. You have created a very realistic illusion of depth with the use of color. I like that you included the little insect in your composition!

  12. joanbrailsford

    The way that you have used the fabrics and stitching makes for a very realistic and beautiful flower, and of course the little fly. Well done

  13. What a lifelike and beautiful flower! The contrast of the different shades of green in the background makes the colorful lotus flower stand out. And of course there are insects in nature, lol, love the whimsical insects in both your challenges. Well done!

  14. It’s almost real. The different shades of green and pink are very well chosen.

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