Caro Higgs – Nature #1

Los Aquarales de Valpalmas

My inspiration for nature is my visit to the Bardenas Reales et Riglos areas of the Aragon region of northern Spain starting with landscapes.

The first quilt is of the landscape of ‘Los Aquarales de Valpalmas’. The Aquarales is like the Bardenas Reales but on a much smaller scale. Both areas have a characteristic morphology known as badlands and are formed by the erosion of the clay landscape, in the Bardenas the cliffs can reach a height of 150m but they are only a scant 20m in the Aquarales. The landscape of multiple columns and pinnacles of differing forms and sizes a third of the size of those 50km away in the Bardenas.

I was intrigued by the shapes and forms of the clay and sandstone landscape, dry and crumbly until it rains when it becomes a quagmire and the region is best avoided. We walked in the Bardenas where the scenery was lunar-like but the Aquarales was, to me more intriguing because of its scale, there was more relief and definition . I chose this photograph due to the layers that were evident. The fabric is silk noil, I needed to give an idea of the roughness of the crumbly surface, which is painted. Each pinnacle or column in the foreground is appliquéd by hand so that it stands proud from the back drop. It is all machine stitched before the pieces were assembled on to the background.

  1. Beautiful interpretation, you have created a sense of depth with the use of colour and stitching. Bravo

  2. Painting the fabric and machinestitching the details is such a great idea. Well done!

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Not easy to reproduce a landscape in 3D! Bravo to have made it real with appliqué and paint !

  4. I really like the picture you attached and your execution is excellent. The background fabric, the color and the stitching, everything is perfect

  5. You’ve done a great job of interpreting this monochromatic scene. The stitching adds wonderful detail and depth.

  6. It is a very interesting place and a wonderful interpretation. You achieved the depth but my biggest admiration is for your machine stitching. When I see this kind of stitching I always wonder how difficult is to do this kind of stitching?

  7. A dramatic landscape and I like the way that you have handled the perspective and depth of the surfaces of the rocks. Really lovely stitching

  8. Chapeau. Magnificent work! Everything is perfect, from the choice of fabric, the dyeing, the appliqué and the stitching. I love it.

  9. This piece is awesome. I admire your stitching and the hand applique to give it a 3D effect. Beautiful interpretation.

  10. A great interpretation of this fascinating formation. The use of silk noil to give texture is brilliant.

  11. Such a dramatic landscape and you have captured it beautifully with your choice of fabric, colors and awesome stitching. The stitching must have bee so much work! Bravo.

  12. Through your attention to detail, you have achieved depth and texture with your meticulous stitching and your monochromatic color palette. A very striking composition. Well done!

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