Challenge – Squares

Our latest challenge uses the geometric shape ‘square’ as a starting point, but as you can see below, our members’ journeys from starting point to finished article was, as always, interesting and divergent. By clicking on each of the pictures, you will access our members’ individual pages where you can find full descriptions of their design journeys and the techniques they have used. Enjoy!

  Paths converge in a squared window in time  




Challenge – Series #3 – Complementary

This is the third and last in our series, in which the subject for the series was chosen by each artist.  The theme for this challenge is ‘complementary’, where the artists will choose two complementary colours to depict their subject. We decided that one of the colours would be picked up from our previous ‘abstract’ quilts – giving another dimension to our challenge. Perhaps the continuity in the series will interest you, so you can see each artists’ previous pieces at the end of each of their detailed entries – just click on each thumbnail below to see the full stories.







Challenge – Series #2 – Abstract

This is the second in our latest series, and has the theme of ‘Abstract’. All of our members will depict their chosen series topic using this theme, and this will develop the black and white theme of the last challenge. It will be interesting to see how each person interprets their subject, particularly when the question of ‘what is abstract’ is considered. To see more about the pieces, and thoughts of the artists, please click on the thumbnail pictures below.






Challenge – Series #1 – Black and White

Our second challenge of the this year sees the start of a new series of work for the group. For this series of three works, each artist will choose their own subject, but this will be developed using a different theme for each of the three quilts. These have been set in advance and are firstly black and white, then abstract, and finally colour/contrast. So, all the works in this challenge use the black and white theme, and as ever the finished body of work is varied and interesting. You can see more of the work and the artist statements by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below.





Challenge – Reflection(s)

Our challenge for January’s reveal is “Reflection(s)”, we are surrounded by reflections and our members have intuitively interpreted what they have seen or experienced in their real or imagined environment. To read what influenced the artist click on the thumbnail of the image and you will be directed to their artist page.






Challenge – Water

This is our last challenge for 2017. Our members have interpreted the different qualities of water in a variety of ways. Not only has the qualities been addressed but also the importance of water in our daily lives. I know you will enjoy reading the statements of why water was interrupted and the techniques used by our talented artists. We welcome three new members…Paola Zanda, Cindy Richard and Genevieve Guadalupe.

By clicking on the thumbnail images you will be directed to the Artist’s Pages.






Challenge – Series 5

This is the last of our quilts in our Series challenge, I think you will enjoy the many ways members have interpreted their own Series, when you visit their artist page (click on the individual image) you will see all of the quilts at the bottom of their page. I congratulate members on their dedication to one theme over 10 months. Our last reveal for the year is the theme “Water”, look forward to this challenge and introducing three new members.









Challenge – Series 4

This month’s reveal is our fourth in our series began earlier this year when members were given the freedom to choose a favourite theme and feature a quilt that they have already made or start afresh with new ideas. Members are  continuing to develop their ideas by creating another round of intuitive and creative quilts. There are two quilts in this round Eke Krug as she had many things to do last April and was unable to complete her quilt in time. Please click on the following thumbnails to read the statements of our creative textile artists.





Challenge – Series #3

Continuing on with our series, this month’s reveal is our third. Members are developing their ideas by creating another round of intuitive and creative quilts. Please click on the following thumbnails to read the statements of our creative textile artists.









Challenge – Series #2

Having stated the goals for their five part series, members have continued to interpret these goals in the second of the series. Again the quilts are a credit to their designers. Please click on the thumbnail and you will be directed to the artist’s page where you can read further about the series and methods used.