Challenge – Music

Our theme of ‘music’ once again lends itself to a wide interpretation. Think about how many places you hear music being played, and how many different types of music you hear, not to mention how many instruments there are – and you can begin to see that the possibilities are huge. Maybe the biggest difficulty this month will be choosing which one to use! Click on any of the pictures below to see how our members managed to do just that.



Challenge – Photoshoot

In this digital age we can all take photos and so many of them! So where to start with this challenge of ‘Photoshoot’? It is interesting to see how the group members approach this subject and how they translate it into fabric. As always, there are so many angles that you could use to create an interesting design, and often ideas that you would never have thought of! We hope that you’ll take a close look at the variety of these by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below, to take you to larger pictures and detail descriptions of each. Smile!!






Challenge – Flight

This challenge, Flight, is another that is open to a number of different interpretations. There are the physical flights of insects and birds, then your thought processes could lead you down other paths – what about running away, stairs, man-made aircraft, or flights of fancy. I’m sure that our artists will again come with a wide variety of ideas and an even wider variety of techniques to depict them. As always we hope that you’ll take a close look at their work, by clicking on the thumbnail pictures below, to take you to larger pictures and detail descriptions of each. Enjoy the flight!







Challenge – Horizon – Part 2

The title of our latest challenge  – Horizon – is another one that gives us plenty of scope for interpretation. For instance the subject could cover a physical horizon, or an aspiration. We all have our own way of starting challenges, and the start is often not the place that we finish – a bit like a horizon, don’t you think?

This is the second and final reveal for this challenge which had to be done in two parts, because holidays and other life events. As usual, you can view the details and thoughts behind each of the pieces by clicking on the pictures below.






Challenge – Decay

You would think that the title of our latest challenge – Decay – is not a likely subject for quilts, but when you give it some thought, there are a huge number of possibilities. I’m sure you’ll see that our members have demonstrated this in the variety of work they have produced, and the diverse way in which they have approached the subject. To see the story, thoughts and techniques behind each piece, and to view them in detail, click on the pictures below. Enjoy a taste of decay!






Challenge – Blooming

This month our challenge has the theme of ‘Blooming’, but our members may also choose to work the theme as part of a series which will continue throughout the remainder of the year, or to work it as a stand-alone piece. We hope that this will add an extra layer of interest to our members’ work, which is always varied and worked in their own distinct styles. (It sounds complicated but all will become clear as the year goes on – and I’m sure that each piece will be wonderful in its own right!). The Blooming theme immediately brings to mind flowers, but I think that the members will surprise us with their diverse thoughts on the them. We hope that you will enjoy our first selection of this year.

To view the details of each quilt, and the thoughts and design behind each, click on the pictures below.









Challenge – Re-arranged

This challenge – Re-arranged – opens intriguing possibilities for exploring, reworking or re-imagining designs. It could be interpreted as cutting up and reorganizing an existing work; as taking apart a familiar object or subject; or simply as altering a thought or state of mind. All of our artists will bring their own interpretations and unique styles to the subject. By clicking on each of the pictures, you will access our members’ individual pages where you can explore their thoughts, designs and techniques. I hope you enjoy the diversity.







Challenge – Squares

Our latest challenge uses the geometric shape ‘square’ as a starting point, but as you can see below, our members’ journeys from starting point to finished article was, as always, interesting and divergent. By clicking on each of the pictures, you will access our members’ individual pages where you can find full descriptions of their design journeys and the techniques they have used. Enjoy!

  Paths converge in a squared window in time  




Challenge – Series #3 – Complementary

This is the third and last in our series, in which the subject for the series was chosen by each artist.  The theme for this challenge is ‘complementary’, where the artists will choose two complementary colours to depict their subject. We decided that one of the colours would be picked up from our previous ‘abstract’ quilts – giving another dimension to our challenge. Perhaps the continuity in the series will interest you, so you can see each artists’ previous pieces at the end of each of their detailed entries – just click on each thumbnail below to see the full stories.







Challenge – Series #2 – Abstract

This is the second in our latest series, and has the theme of ‘Abstract’. All of our members will depict their chosen series topic using this theme, and this will develop the black and white theme of the last challenge. It will be interesting to see how each person interprets their subject, particularly when the question of ‘what is abstract’ is considered. To see more about the pieces, and thoughts of the artists, please click on the thumbnail pictures below.