Challenge – Letter A

Our last challenge of the year finalises the ‘letter’ series which saw our members choose a subject and then include text containing the designated letter in each piece, the final letter being A. The full series for each member is visible by clicking on each of the icons below. This will take you to thew page which contains the thoughts and details of the final challenge, that are the followed at the bottom of the page by pictures of the completed set. We hope you will enjoy this year’s efforts as much as we have enjoyed creating them.









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  1. Hi Joan,

    Thank you again for all the work you did and now especcialy with the whole series at the bottom. LOVE to see the complete series of everybody. I have one problem, don’t know if it is only me on my I-pad, that when I looked at the piece of somebody and I want to go HOME, I get all the work off the letter M.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better every day.

    Take care,


    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad


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