Challenge – Entrance

Entrance can be described either as an opening that you go through, or as someone or thing that has been entranced. Two completely different interpretations of the a word, and you will see that the group members have all brought their own individual interpretations to the subject. I hope that you will enjoy the diversity of this group challenge.

By clicking on the thumbnail image you will be directed to the artist’s gallery where you can read about what inspired their work.

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE     Opencut mine     ZENANA MAHAl ou le Palais des Reines 029

Entrance of the Monarch     secret entrance     Pouring Living Water_Lin Hsin-Chen

Ruins    Helene Hazon   Greetje

Tunnel Vision     Els     susna hill2p

Busy Bees full 800     Sslesinger_Entrances_full




About spaceandtimecreativity

I have embarked on a Certificate Course at Distant Stitch, this is exciting as many years ago when I began to find my artistic voice I studied under Jean Lange in Adelaide, South Australia.Jean taught me that anything was possible (well almost) in stitch. Over the years I have done traditional embroidery, moved into other mediums such as quilting (Art Quilts), beading and many other related crafts. My reason for returning to embroidery is my love of stitch, I love the organic feel of stitches and how it adds another level to my Art Quilts, so I wish to explore how stitch can be used in design and finished work. I am now adding another course.....Sketchbook and I am hoping this will encourage me to keep sketchbooks for my Art Quilt projects.

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