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Challenge – Series #3

Continuing on with our series, this month’s reveal is our third. Members are developing their ideas by creating another round of intuitive and creative quilts. Please click on the following thumbnails to read the statements of our creative textile artists.









Challenge – Series #2

Having stated the goals for their five part series, members have continued to interpret these goals in the second of the series. Again the quilts are a credit to their designers. Please click on the thumbnail and you will be directed to the artist’s page where you can read further about the series and methods used.






Challenge – Series #1

This year members have challenged themselves to taking a theme of their choice and making it into five series. January will be the launch of the first quilt in the series. Members were given the freedom to choose a favourite theme and feature a quilt that they have already made or start afresh with new ideas. This is going to be an exciting time as we see the series unfold. Please click on the thumbnail of the quilt and you will be directed to the artist page where you can read about their expectations and reasons for their selected theme.






Challenge – Motion

Our theme for October November is “Motion” I just know you are going to be breathless after viewing and reading our members interpretation of this theme…they are vibrant and energetic. Congratulations to all members on your innovative interpretations. If you click on the thumbnail you will be redirected to the members “Artist Page”. Thank you for visiting out site and please come back at the end of January when members will be launching their 2017 series, this is a different direction for us and will result in an amazing body of work.






Challenge – Botanic(s)

Although our theme is titled “Botanic(s)”  a truer form of the word “Botanical” (study of plants)  was used by the group in their research and design of their quilts. Some members have used plants native to their regions and countries, but the main goal was to take a plant and depict it in their art quilts. If you click on the thumbnail you will be directed to the “Artist Page” so you can read further about the chosen plant and the techniques used in the art quilt.

dscn7645     lemon-tree    quandong


     pm     hh

botanicals    infinite-blessings_lin    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Challenge – Architecture

The diversity of the different types of architecture in this challenge is startling from what members see in their own countries and also what is memorable to them in their travels. I am sure you are going to be amazed by the designs and techniques used in these quilts. To visit each artist’s page click on the quilt thumbnail and you will be directed there, please feel free to leave a comment.










Challenge – Circle(s)

In our daily lives we are surrounded by geometric forms, nature especially has many interesting circles, of course architecture is abound with circles and partial circles, fashion has it’s own circle designs, and then we can look to our intimate surroundings for more circles. You are going to have fun looking at how the members have interpreted this theme. To read the individual statement and see close up views of the quilts click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected to the artist’s page. Come back at the end of July to see how the members interpret the next theme of “Architecture and Stencil”. Thank you for visiting.

Going round in Circles     BPS - finished     P1090887

Circles - 1     Circles1     CirclesSH

Indian screen     DSCN1769 (3)     circle(s)

Circles   FULL MOON 15x15 challenge Circles 008     DSCN5968


Challenge – East meets West

Our latest challenge is “East meets West”, which I’m sure you will agree has a wide range of possible interpretations.  Not least of these is deciding what constitutes both east and west, particularly when you consider that the members of this group are spread throughout the world. You may find it interesting to see how this theme is approached in our various geographical locations, and how our members ideas, designs and techniques are used to produce a diverse set of work.  To learn more about the artists and what inspired them click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected to their artist page.

friendship bridge   DSCN1514 (2)   P1130649

DSCN5303      DSCN6687

Pearlsgoldsugar   full image   PM

P1070918   sslesinger_EastmeetsWest_  SM

lin   east-west SH1


Challenge – Monoprint

This month our challenge is dedicated to Diana Vincent who was one of our founding members. Diana passed away after loosing her courageous battle against cancer. To learn more about Diana’s work please visit her artist gallery for 2013-2015. “Monoprint” was our challenge and this has been interpreted by members using  various techniques of monoprinting, for some it meant working outside their comfort zone and this has produced some amazing results.

Please click on the thumbnail of the images and you will be directed to the artist’s page where you can read about the technique they used and their inspiration.

Eyelash_Lin     DSCN6522     At the water's edge

Waiting for spring - full     My midnight garden     monoprint 1

Paulette 2          

post whole quilt     Light Snowfall     monoprinting

DSCN3844     Helen     sslesinger RabbitinMoon

Waiting for Spring SH


Challenge – Recycle

Our last challenge for 2015 is “Recycle” and important aspect of our daily lives, but one that is not new our parents and their parents knew the importance of recycling particularly in times of hardship or when materials were not available. Members have taken this theme and interpreted it in many different ways, I think you will enjoy the diversity and imagination of their designs and techniques. To learn more about the artists and what inspired them click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected to their artist page.

Recycle     Recycle     15X15 Recycling 004

The old cottage     An Elegy for Bees_Lin_full     After the Storm

   Paulette     Nostalgia

Recycle, full quilt      P1060655     

recycle (1)

Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment on the artist’s work.

This year we published a notebook with a selection of members quilts, it is a Blurb publication and available for sale, just click on the word Blurb to be redirected. Money from sales will be used to help with the costs of exhibitions.


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