Challenge – Letter P

We continue with our challenges this year to base our designs on a given letter and this month our letter is ‘P’. We are being tasked to use this letter as text in our designs, and you can imagine that this has huge scope for interpretation, bounded only by whatever theme each person uses. This month has been stressful for many of us as the corona virus pandemic takes hold, but all of us have agreed that stitching has been an oasis of normality for us, and something positive to concentrate on.

Perhaps our pieces will spread a little happiness, so why not take a look. As always, you can see the details of each piece and the thoughts behind it by clicking on the pictures below. We hope you will enjoy them.







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  1. Tell me more about Fifteen by Fifteen. Is that the finished size of your little quilts?

  2. carolinehiggs

    Hi Laura. We are an invitation only group, normally 15 members and yes the quilts are 15 x 15 inches. The subjects are set in advance and each of us is free to express ourselves as we wish. What sort of work do you do?

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