Challenge – Circle(s)

In our daily lives we are surrounded by geometric forms, nature especially has many interesting circles, of course architecture is abound with circles and partial circles, fashion has it’s own circle designs, and then we can look to our intimate surroundings for more circles. You are going to have fun looking at how the members have interpreted this theme. To read the individual statement and see close up views of the quilts click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected to the artist’s page. Come back at the end of July to see how the members interpret the next theme of “Architecture and Stencil”. Thank you for visiting.

Going round in Circles     BPS - finished     P1090887

Circles - 1     Circles1     CirclesSH

Indian screen     DSCN1769 (3)     circle(s)

Circles   FULL MOON 15x15 challenge Circles 008     DSCN5968


About spaceandtimecreativity

I have embarked on a Certificate Course at Distant Stitch, this is exciting as many years ago when I began to find my artistic voice I studied under Jean Lange in Adelaide, South Australia.Jean taught me that anything was possible (well almost) in stitch. Over the years I have done traditional embroidery, moved into other mediums such as quilting (Art Quilts), beading and many other related crafts. My reason for returning to embroidery is my love of stitch, I love the organic feel of stitches and how it adds another level to my Art Quilts, so I wish to explore how stitch can be used in design and finished work. I am now adding another course.....Sketchbook and I am hoping this will encourage me to keep sketchbooks for my Art Quilt projects.

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