Elsy Menko – Nature #1


For the first two quilts in this year’s ‘nature’ series I have chosen biblical plants.

The sea daffodil or pancratium maritimum is a species of bulbous plants native to the Mediterranean region. How wonderful to realise that this plant was known thousands of years ago and that it can still be enjoyed today in Israel’s coastal regions. In the Old Testament it is mentioned twice: in the Song of Songs 2:1 (translated as ‘the rose of Sharon’) and in the book of Isaiah 35:3.

A beautiful photograph by Shmuel Hamdani was my inspiration. He gave me permission to use it for the quilt.

Cotton fabrics, fused, free motion stitching, some hand stitching.

Detail view:

Original photo:

Sea daffodils, photograph by Shmuel Hamdani

  1. You have managed to capture the elegance of the flowers and I love the little fly! Great fabric choice.

  2. A love the colored background against the flower and the insect is a delightful touch.

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    The contrast with the background makes the flowers stand out. I really like the background which seems to be woven.

  4. Elsy your choice of this beautiful flower is great. The work is really beautiful, I love the background and the details in the flower itself. Wonderful

  5. Wow, your composition is stunning and I love the technique for the background. Nicely done!

  6. You have created very lifelike and beautiful flowers, and I love the way that you have created the background that looks woven yet still gives the impression of a sandy area. Well done

  7. You have perfectly transferred the beauty of this flower into your quilt, and the beautiful background really highlights it. I love it.

  8. Very well designed quilt and perfect choice of fabrics. Your background works so well- bravo.

  9. I love how you created the background. The flowers are beautiful executed and the fly makes me smile.

  10. Such an elegant flower on a beautiful background. Love the colours and your choice of fabric for the flowers. The little fly us such a wonderful addition.

  11. What beautiful flowers! You have stitched them so well and chosen the perfect background to set them off. The little bug is great too.

  12. The beautifully stitched and intricate background is perfect to showcase the delicate yet strong sea daffodils. Love the colors and the whimsical detail of the fly, well done!

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