Els Mommers – Nature #1


Geologic rocks is the theme I choose for my first two Nature quilts.

I am inspired by the work of Carol Nelson and wanted to use the technique I just learned from the book : “Mixed media ideas and inspiration “ by Angie Hughes.

I first glued tissue-paper, gauze and lace on a big piece of cotton and after drying I applied structure gel medium and gesso. Next I painted it with “golden” transparent acrylic paint. I cut rocks from this piece of cloth and sewed them with a feston stitch and monofilament thread onto the black background. Cracks were sewed in the rocks with black yarn..

The people silhouettes are painted , cut out and appliqued by machine on top of the rocks. In between the rocks is heavily free motion quilted to bring the rocks even more to the front.

The whole process can be seen on http://kunamola.blogspot.com



  1. Chantal Guillermet

    Breathtaking Els ! I like how the rocks look like a study with a microscope !
    I immediately recognize your silhouettes on the top !

  2. I love the way that you have created your rocks, so vibrant and wonderfully textured. Superb!

  3. I think Chantal and Caro have said it all. I love that book and you have used the techniques to interpret the geological scene. bravo

  4. The visual result of these brilliant colours is outstanding. You learned the technique very well, and your quilt is very satisfying. Chapeau!

  5. great job. The layers you created and the colors you used, wonderful

  6. Just WOW! Else, just ne more time you showed us that your imagination and your talent have no limits. I love your rocks, bravo!

  7. Wow!! Thank you for describing your process. The layering of a multitude of non-traditional items created a wonderful texture. Good job!

  8. The texture and colours that you have created on the rocks is incredible and I love the addition of the silhouettes. Beautifu

  9. Another example of your wonderful use of new techniques and what a splendid result. These rocks look so realistic. Excellent work.

  10. Of course it’s not just fabric! As always very complicated techniques and the result is stunning!!! It must be even better in real.

  11. Wow, your rocks are so vibrant in color and the texture to rich! Thanks for sharing your technique. A wonderful piece.

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