Ann Turley – Nature #1


Nature is everywhere so the choices are many. I’ve settled on Life on the Farm as my overall year-long theme. Nature #1 is Carrots and will be followed by another root vegetable in March. The soil is rich, the carrots are fat and healthy. I’ve used a commercial cotton for the soil, an interesting batik for the sky, and a whimsical carrot print for the carrots. Each carrot is detailed with tiny roots sprouting from the bottom and sides. There is also detailing with Inktense pencils and Pigma Pen. I do think this will be a very fun series!

Detail views:


  1. An interesting theme! Love the hairy carrots!

  2. What fun a delightful whimsical theme. The colours are vibrant and fresh like the carrots. Bravo

  3. Chantal Guillermet

    Your carrots are so real! And I love the humor with which this piece is treated! The choice of fabrics makes it a joyful piece

  4. You gave a beautiful expression to the subject. The choice of carrots is quite surprising but the execution is excellent. I really like the choice of fabrics you used.

  5. A fun and colourful representation of the subject. I love your choice of fabrics, and the detail that you have added to the carrots. Lovely work

  6. Just looking at your carrots I already want to smile, it is really a very fun piece. Love your choice of fabrics, love your carrots! Bravo!

  7. Your work made me happy. The choice of the background, the fabric of the carrots and the soil everything shines and vibrates. I like the leaves. As you say, it will be a fun series, and I’m curious to see the next vegetable. I love it

  8. I love the background fabrics, but especially how you used carrot fabrics for your carrots. Lovely piece!

  9. This is a really funny and colourful interpretation of the theme. Like your choices of fabric and the leaves.

  10. What a cheerful, jolly piece. The carrots are great and the fabric choices add extra dimension.

  11. Your cheerful piece made me smile! Adore your hairy carrots. Excellent choice of fabrics, love the joyful colors.

  12. What a unique and fun interpretation of our theme. A very colorful and whimsical composition and a joy to look at. Well done!

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