Sonia Ruiz – D

Letter D for Dad

My Dad was an avid traveler.  Whenever he had a chance he would travel and invite us to go travel with him.  On this occasion, he invited my younger brother Hector to travel with him. They met up in Mexico City and through their week together, they reminisced while visiting many historical landmarks including Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan is a large and majestic archaeological site located about 25 miles north of Mexico City.  It is famous for its large pyramids dedicated to the Sun and Moon, but the site also contains beautiful murals and carvings and several museums through which you can explore the city’s fascinating history.  This is one of the largest and most important archaeological sites and one of the must visit sites on a trip to Mexico City.

The background is a hand painted piece of a sheet. I used Inktense pencils,  acrylic paints and printed the photo of my dad on fabric as well as the pyramid.  I raw appliquéd  the sun, letter D and pyramids, couched the hand dyed Oaxacan velvety yarns with free motion quilting and placed my dads photo on an old coffee burlap bag.  My brother Hector took the photo of my dad,  it’s one of my favorites of him.

Detail views:


  1. A superb reminder of your Dad’s travels and Teotihuacan. Great techniques with the printing and painting.

  2. A beautiful and loving tribute to your father. Nice work and excellent techniques that highlight the charm of this Unesco heritage.

  3. Love the way that you have kept the series running but added your dad without making him look out of place, great work, well done!

  4. Maryte Collard

    Every time I read the backstory of your quilt, I learn something new about the far away country. It amazes me how much information and emotional charge you are able to load in such a small piece. You are making great series! Multiple techniques interact well with each other in this, as well as in previous pieces.

  5. Sonia there is always an interesting stories behind your quilts and I like that ! It is a beautiful tribute to your father.
    There is a good harmony of colours and techniques in your series.

  6. Besides being a lovely tribute to your father, this piece is full of interesting details. Beautifully executed pyramid, stone walls and other parts of what must be a fascinating archeological site. Well done.

  7. I’m so happy that you include so much of the history behind your quilts. How you manage to put so much detail into them also amazes me. Wonderful that you placed your Dad in the composition!

  8. This is another stunning piece in your ancient Mexican series. I love Teotihuacan, as much as I love all the Maya cities and culture.The picture of your dad with the Maya symbols on the burlap is such a beautiful addition and remembrance of your Dad. The version of the letter D is again awesome. I so much like your series. Bravo!

  9. Again a nice tribute to your beautiful country. I’m amazed how you make these awesome quilts being far from home. Also a nice memory of your dad.

  10. A great story and a loving tribute to your dad. The design has drama in the pyramid and the dragon but also detail in the stitching and foliage.

  11. joanbrailsford

    I love the story that your quilt tells about the history of the area, and you have depicted the pyramids beautifully. Your dad looks very proud and has given your quilt a beautiful personal touch. Glad to see that one of your sheets has also been included!

  12. studiociboulette

    Lovely piece and a very nice way to introduce your dad in the memories and history of Mexico. Love the quilting and the creative snake. Beautiful.

  13. Another beautiful Sonia piece and a great tribute to your dad. As usual, your design and quilting are great, love all the techniques you use and have to take a closer look each time I look at it, so much detail!

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